Use the Instagram stories for your business in 5 brilliant ways

More than 1 billion people worldwide have installed the Instagram application on their smartphones, which clearly shows the popularity of this app. Among those 1 billion users, half of them daily use it for around 30 minutes on average, and some use it twice in the whole day for the same amount of time. During the entire time, the Instagram story is where the majority of the percentage of users tend to surf their time.

If you are using the Instagram business account, checking out the Stories insight will be easier and more efficient for you than the normal account. The insight can help you understand how people are reacting to the stories, and you can then create a strategy to improve the story content and attract the viewers. Also, it can be considered an effective way to improve the business you are running on the account.

As you know about using Instagram stories and making them effective for your business, we are here to share 5 brilliant ways to do it. So without any further ado, let’s talk about it in detail.

Adding the Links:

Let’s say you are running a product or service website where you want to generate sales or wants the people to appear; you can use the Adding the links to the story section and shift the Instagram followers to the landing page. Meanwhile, you can buy Instagram impressions for the stories you have posted to improve their popularity of the stories.

Unluckily, the link-insertion feature in the Instagram stories is only available for those who have more than 10,000 followers on the account. After you insert the links on Instagram stories, it will help you improve your account’s impression and reach. The Instagram platform usually gives you the swipe-up option in the link insertion, which insists the viewer go where you want them by following the link.

Use questions and Polls Stickers:

You can drive a tremendous amount of viewers to the Instagram stories by taking the help of Questions and Polls stickers into the stories. Whatever comes to your mind to ask, you can implement by using this feature, and it will get you brilliant outcomes. However, try to post only those questions or polls relevant to your mode of business on the Instagram account.

Use of Story Highlights:

The story highlights is another amazing feature on Instagram that can become the Instagram story extension for you. The viewer can get to know about you when you highlight anything on the profile. You need to highlight the stories by attractively creating them and using eye-catching cover images. Make sure not to use the highlights feature for all of the stories as it will be considered an over-do procedure, which will slowly lose the viewer’s interest, and the highlights will become a wasteful thing.

Sharing the Announcements:

You can attract the audience to the profile with the help of Instagram stories that contain the potential. You can take the idea of sharing the stories and announcing your company or brand that will launch a new service or product. Alongside, you can also mention that you will share the latest update on it. Meanwhile, you can create the BTS videos of the things you will introduce. Also, try to consider theĀ best site to buy Instagram impressions.

Go For Collaborations:

Collaboration with the industry’s same-minded people helps every individual get positive exposure. Therefore, the Instagram industry has also introduced several ways for account holders to obtain similar things in their profiles.

If you want to use the Instagram stories for the positive aspect of your business, you need to go with performing the collaborations with other businesses on Instagram. In this way, the audiences of both accounts will get to know each other, and It will improve the chances for the business to get on the right pattern of success.