Is Instagram Reels Just Like TikTok?

Recently, Instagram has introduced a new way to bring in people to the app and allowing them to increase the amount of time they spend using the app. Do you know what it is? It is Instagram Reels! Instagram reels is a new feature launched by Instagram by which users can create short and entertaining videos usually of 15 seconds. In fact, it is a new opportunity for creators to build a following on Instagram. First tested in Brazil, now Instagram reels has been launched in more than 50 countries including the UK, US, Japan, France, Mexico, Australia, and a lot more countries. It is set out to be rolled out in stages across the world.

As the TikTok’s future became uncertain, Instagram planned to capture the market by introducing Instagram reels. This feature is embedded in the Instagram app and can be seen on the Explore page. Here, people can watch reels by scrolling just like the For You Page of TikTok.

Instagram Reels is said to be a competitor of TikTok. Although the icon of reels is different from TikTok, the navigation is also different but if we look at the big picture, we will come to know that the experience is exactly the same. In fact, most of the audio tracks used in Instagram reels is the same as that of the TikTok. An interesting thing? Most videos on reels are taken from TikTok with a TikTok logo at the bottom right corner!

For Instagram reels, both public and private options are available. It means if you have private account settings, you can share reels with your followers. For a public account, your reels may be shared with everyone on Instagram. For boosting the reach of your Instagram reels, you can also consider to buy Instagram reels views and buy Instagram reels likes. It is a great way to reach new audiences on a global stage. According to Instagram, reels allow people to express themselves in a different way. By using Instagram reels, people can discover more of what they love on Instagram.

Talking about similarities, as in TikTok, you like and comment on a video, similarly, Instagram reels may allow you to like, comment, or share the reel video. Moreover, you can also swipe up to move to the next video as you do in TikTok. Instagram reels is an actual replica of TikTok that will be very useful if TikTok is banned.

Of course, there are differences too!

The first difference lies in the fact that both Instagram reels and TikTok are created by two different companies. The complete and editing and video recording interface are entirely different. Secondly, the videos on Instagram reels are of 15 seconds not of one minute (TikTok extended the length of its videos to one minute in early 2020). The method of aligning one video clip with another is also unique and different from TikTok.

In short of all the similarities and differences, we cannot deny the fact that Instagram Reels is fun and engaging!

Now the question arises here is whether Instagram reels will be able to pull back TikTok’s users as Instagram stories succeeded to capture the audience of Snapchat? Instagram hopes that the users of TikTok will leave TikTok behind and will start using reels. But a lot of creators are of the view that they will experiment with the reels along with maintaining their presence on Instagram’s rival, TikTok! Let’s see what will happen next!